On February 11 2019 the 24 Punong Barangay have their seminar in the Municipal Hall of Aringay La Union the seminar is headed by account manager of Shooters gun and ammo Mr. Juvenal A. Sabado the seminar is about fire arms and how to get license like LTOP and PERMIT TO CARRY.   


On January 8 2019 miss Nikki Joy Mangaoang was heading the bayad center in the Municipality of Aringay La Union the bayad center is in the 1st Floor of the municipality. the bayad center is accepting Payment for Government Services like SSS, PAG IBIG, PHIL HEALTH, DOLE, and others.


On December 17 at 8:30 in the morning at the front of Municipal hall of Aringay La Union the Provincial Director  Mr. Paulino G. Lalata Jr. Ceso V and Program Manager Mr. Calvin Nj Lubrin gives  the SGLG(SEAL OF GOOD LOCAL GOVERNANCE ) Award to our Municipal Mayor Mr.  Eric O. Sibuma and our Municipal continue reading : SGLG AWARDING


On October 29 at 10 O’clock in the Morning the Students of SMAW NCII have their awarding day at Aringay Municipal Hall 2nd floor Aringay, La Union the Graduates Receives 1welding machine, Gloves, eye Protector and Grinder.

MADAC ( Municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Council)

On September 28 at 8:00 o’clock in the Morning The Barangay Officials of 24 Barangays have Their M.A.D.A.C (Municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Council) Seminar in Municipal Conference hall Of Municipality of Aringay La, Union. The Seminar was Spearheaded With LGOO Mrs. Iszel O. Guray.