On September 12 at 9 o’clock in the morning the Barangay Officials of 24 Barangays  and the SK Chairpersons of each Barangays have their Comprehensive Development Plan and Information Drive on Various Laws Seminar at Paradiso Conference Hall of Marry Land Samara Aringay La Union. the First Speaker is Administrative Aide VI/ Zoning Officer Mr. Lee Elmer D. Carandang. He Discussed about the Updating of Barangay Development Plan After his Discussion the second Speaker is LDRRMO/OIC-MPDC Mr. Edelito D. Gajo. His topic is about Lecture on Workshop on 20% Development Fund (Including Resolution and BDC Membership) After his discussion the third Speaker is MLGOO Mrs. Iszel O. Guray She discussed about Lecture on Gender and Development (including Resolution and GAD Membership).