Department Head

Name: Mary Jane T. Bomowey

Position: Presiding Judge

The Supreme court says and we abide by its…


“A judiciary that is independent, effective and efficient. And worthy of public trust and confidence; and a legal professional that provides quality, ethical, accessible, and cost effective legal service to our people and is willing and able to answer the call to public services.” AND WE SHARE THIS COURT ITS… lawyers work at the scene of power, they’re catalysts, the lubricants of the societal machine, to change the way the machine operates you have to knows what its parts are, what laws need to be repealed executed to build a new machine that’s works better for indeed. the pursuit of truth one specific task of courts and lawyers to the full satisfaction of everyone its


The MTC AIMS to lead and develop among  court, officers the pursuance of law, so imbued w/ Christian virtues and principles basics to the ultimate service to the citizenry, particularly towards the promotion of justice and fair play. AND ITS.


being just is ones law each day, its reality, a must.



1. Hon. Jeovannie C. Ordoño – Acting Presiding Judge

2. Alberto N. Rivera  – Clerk of Court II

3. Rowena A. Quinoñes  – Court Interpreter

4. Leticia A. De Larna – Court Stenographer

5. Glenda L. Dulay – Court  Stenographer

6. Ednalyn  T. Aromin – Court Stenographer

7. Mario M. Pumares – Clerk II

8. Guillerno E. Ventenilla – Junior Process Server

9. Ramon A. Pascua – Utility Worker I