The Municipality of Aringay envisions a peaceful, prosperous Agri-industrial center of the Province of La Union, through a dynamic and unified God-Loving and disciplined and empowered participative citizenry towards the attainment of socio-economic development and ecologically balanced environment for a better place to live in.



To ensure and sustain the emergence of people empowerment and socio-economic development through dynamic and honest leadership working with Aringayeños in the delivery of much needed services.



-To sustain support to agriculture to attain self-sufficiency and increase real income farmers;

-To encourage investment;

-To increase accessibility to basics services and facilities;

-To improve the quality of environment;

-To improve local development administration and financing;

-To encourage people’s participation in the affairs of the government;

-To sustain peace and order climate;

-To provide quality and edequate health services;