The center of Agri-business and Agri-Tourism in the Province of La Union in an ecologically balanced. well developed, sustainable and disaster resilient community, through its God-fearing, effective and efficient leaders with healthy, peaceful and empowered citizenry.



Aringay has always been and will always be a pro-Aringayeños and focused on uplifting the lives of its townspeople and its battle cry is RANIAG ARINGAY.



Social Sector: To uplift the social condition and well-being of Aringayeños.
Economic Sector: To promote economic prosperity in Aringay.
Infrastructure Sector: To improve the infrastructure condition of Aringay.
Environmental Sector: To protect and conserve the natural resources and be a disaster resilient community.
Institutional Sector: to ensure effective and efficient delivery of basic services.

Ensuring that the Senior Citizen will be Duly recognize by the Municipality and be
provided with enough space for their socialization activities.

Ensuring the conservation of the remaining cultural heritage of the Municipality

Maximizing the rich and fertile land of Aringay for safe and sustainable regular and
organic agricultural productivity.

To exploit full tourism potential of the Municipality.