The GAD M & E Team shall:

1. Invite the concerned implementing office or unit of the GAD PPAs during the monitoring  and evaluation period.

2. Monitor the implementation of the annual GPB and assess the status of the LGU’s institutional mechanisms on gender mainstreaming annually.

3. The LGU’s, through the GPBS, shall prepare annual status on the institutional mechanisms for gender mainstreaming and submit these to the DILG Regional Office for consolidation.

4. Evaluate the outcome of the LGU GAD policies, programs and projects and submit a GAD Evaluation Report to the DILG Regional Office at the end of the LCE’s  three-year term. The submission shall be done not later than June of the next term.

5. All M & E Activities shall be included in the annual GPB. Section3. Effectivity. This executive Order shall take effect immediately.