Function and Responsibilities

3.1 Determine, in accordance with the criteria set by Dep-Ed, the annual supplemental budgetary needs for the operation and maintenance of public schools within the municipality and the supplemental local cost of meeting such needs, which shall be reflected in the form of annual school board budget corresponding to its share of the proceeds of the special levy on real property constituting the special education fund such other sources of revenue as the Code and other laws or ordinances may provide;

3.2. Authorize the municipal treasurer, to disburse funds  from the special education fund pursuant to the budget prepared in accordance with applicable existing rules and regulations;

3.3.  Serve as advisory committee to the sanggunian on educational matters such as, but not limited to, the necessity for the uses of local appropriators for educational purposes; and

3.4 other related functions and responsibilities as prescribed in R.A #7160  (Local Government Code of 1991)

Section 4.  Effectivity. This Executive Order shall take immediately.