The GFPS shall perform the following functions

1. Lead in mainstreaming GAD perspective in LGU policies, plans and programs and ensure the assessment of the gender-responsiveness of systems, structures, policies, concerns of constituencies and employees, and the formulation of recommendations including their implementation;

2. Assist in the formulation of the new policies such as the GAD Code in advancing women’s empowerment and gender equality;

3. Lead in setting up appropriate systems and mechanisms to ensure the generation, processing, review, and updating of sex-disaggregated data or GAD database to serve as basis in performance-based and gender-responsive planning and budgeting;

4. Coordinate efforts and different divisions/offices/ units of the LGU and advocate for the integration of GAD perspectives in all their systems and processes;

5. Spearhead the preparation of the annual and performance-based LGU GAD Plan and Budget (GPB) in response to the gender issues and or concerns of the locality in the context of the LGU mandate; and consolidate the same following the form and procedures prescribed in the Joint Memorandum Circular (JMC). The GFPS shall likewise be responsible for submitting the consolidated GPB of the LGU;

6. Lead in monitoring the effective implementation of the annual GPB, GAD Code, other GAD-related policies and plans;

7. Lead the preparation of the annual LGU GAD Accomplishment Report (GAD AR), and other reports that may be required under the MCW and the JMC;

8. Strengthen linkages with other LGU’s, concerned agencies or organizations working on women’s rights and gender and development to harmonize and synchronize GAD efforts at various levels of local governance;

9. Promote and actively pursue the participation of women and gender advocates. Other civil society groups and  private organizations in the various stages of development planning cycle; giving attention to the marginalized sectors, and

10. Ensure that all personnel of the LGU including the planning and finance officers (e.g. accountant, budget officer, auditor) are capacitated on GAD . Along this time, the GFPS will recommend and plan an appropriate capacity development program on GAD for its employees as part of and implemented under its regular human resource development program.