Republic of the Philippines 

Province of La Union

Municipality of Aringay

Telefax No. (072)-607-9531/



Roles and Responsibilities of the LGU GFPS

The Local Chief Executive shall:

i.   Issue policies and/or directives that support gender mainstreaming in the policies, plans, PPAS and services of the LGU as well as in its budget, systems, processes and procedures of the LGU, including the creation, strengthening,modification or reconstitution of the GFPS: and

ii.  Ensure the implementation of the GPB and approve GAD AR and other GAD-related reports of the LGU as maybe required by the MCW-IRR and the JMC, duly endorsed by the GFPS Executive Committee and with the assistance of the GFPS-TWG.

The GFPS Executive Committee shall;

i.   Provide policy advice to the LCE support and strengthen the GFPS and the LGU’s gender mainstreaming efforts;

ii.  Direct the identification of GAD strategies, PPAs and targets based on the results of gender analysis and gender assessment, taking into account the identified priorities of the LGU and the gender issues and concerns faced by the LGU’s constituents and employees;

iii.   Ensure the timely submission of the LGU GPB, GAD AR and other GAD-related reports to the DILG which shall be consolidated for submission to PCW and appropriate oversight agencies;

iv.   Ensure the effective and efficient implementation of the GAD PPAs and the judicious utilization of the GAD budget;

v.   Build and strengthen the partnership of the LGU with concerned stakeholders such as women’s groups or CSOs, national government agencies, GAD experts and advocates, among others in pursuit of gender mainstreaming;

vi.  Recommend awards and/or incentives to recognize outstanding GAD PPAs or individual who have made exemplary contributions to GAD.


i.  Facilitate the gender mainstreaming efforts of the LGU through the GAD planning and budgeting process;

ii. Formulate the LGU GPB in response to the gender gaps, and issues faced by their constituents including their women and men employees;

iii.  Assist in the capacity and competency development of and provide technical assistance to the officers or units of the LGU. In this regard, the TWG shall work with the Human Resource Development Office (HRDO) on the development and implementation of a capacity development program on GADc for its employees, as necessary;

iv.  Coordinate with the various units/officers of the LGU and ensure their meaningful participation in strategic and annual planning exercise on GAD including the preparation, consolidation and submission of GPBs;

v.  Lead the conduct of advocacy activities and the development of information, education and communication (IEC) materials to ensure critical support to local elected officials, department head and staff, and relevant stakeholders to the GFPS and to gender mainstreaming;

vi.  Monitor the implementation of GAD-related PPAs and suggest corrective measures to improve their implementation;

vii.  Prepare and consolidate LGU GAD ARs and other GAD-related reports; and

viii.   Provide  regular updates and  recommendations  to the LCE or  GFPD  Exe Com regarding GFPS’ activities and the progress of LGU I gender mainstreaming based on the feedback and reports of concerned LGU offices units, stakeholders and constituents.


Assist the GFPS Exe Com and the TWG in the performance of their roles and responsibilities, specially on the provision of administrative and logistical services; preparation of meeting agenda; and documentation  of GFPS meeting and related GAD Activities.

Section 4. Effectively

This Executive Order shall take immediately.

DONE in the Municipality of Aringay, Province of La Union, this 24th day of June, 2014