Chairperson                                                         HON. ERIC O. SIBUMA

                                                                                Municipal Mayor

Vice-Chairperson                                                HON. BENJAMIN O. SIBUMA

                                                                              Chairman – SB Committee on Local Economic

                                                                              Development and Tourism

Action Officer                                                     FRANK O. SIBUMA

                                                                              Private Sec. II/ Tourism Officer

Members                                                            HON. IGNACIO C. CARIÑO

                                                                               President – Liga ng mga Barangay

                                                                             MR. MANUEL A. UGABAN, JR.

                                                                               Municipal Agriculture Officer

                                                                             ENGR. NOEL D. MAMARIL

                                                                                Municipal Engineer

                                                                             MR. JOAQUIN A. ABELLERA

                                                                               Dep Ed District Supervisor

                                                                             PSINSP MANUEL T. AMBROCIO

                                                                                   PNP – Officer In Charge



The Council shall have the following functions:

1. To reflect and speak the view of the various sectors of the community and accept cooperation assistance, financial or otherwise, from government and private agencies for the total development of tourism industry in the Municipality of Aringay, La Union;

2. To work for the unity and manual cooperation among all members of the different sector in the tourism industry with the end in view of studying for the common interest and welfare of the industry;

3. To coordinate rationalization of the various programs and activities undertaken by the sectors, both government and private relative to the industry;

4. To spearhead efforts in the formulation of policies concerning the promotion and development of tourism in the municipality requiring local legislation or other action.

This order shall take effect immediately.          

Done in the Municipality of Aringay, La Union this 20th day of January 2015 with the seal of this  office affixed.