CHAIRMAN                                                                   HON. ERIC O. SIBUMA

                                                                                         Municipal Mayor

MEMBERS                                                                 SBM MA. ISABEL D. DIAZ

                                                                                      Chairperson: Committee on Culture and Education


                                                                                     SBM BENJAMIN O. SIBUMA

                                                                                      Chairperson: Committee on Tourism

                                                                                     MS. ALMA CARREON

                                                                                       Municipal Information Officer


                                                                                     MR. EDELITO D. GAJO

                                                                                       Municipal Planning & Development Coordinator

                                                                                     MS. ELVIRA PAJO

                                                                                        Municipal Budget Officer

                                                                                      MS. JULIE SAN ANDRES

                                                                                        Women’s Organization – LUVWI




A. Prepare an annual plan on culture and the arts consonant to the Medium Term Philippine Development Plan for culture  and Arts, to be integrated in the local development plan;

B. Formulate programs and recommendations to develop local cultural and artistic talents;

C. Ensure the protection, preservation and conservation of the local cultural and historical heritage;

D. In coordination with the private sector, conduct cultural events such a cultural festivals, competitions, lectures, seminar, for a and symposia; set up exhibits during fiestas and other related activities;

E. Conduct periodic consultations with all stakeholders to identify grassroots – based cultural concerns, issues and agenda;

F. Encourage the development of local cultural industries;

G. Conduct periodic inventory of local cultural objects and sites in coordination with the National Commission for Cultural and the arts;

H. Coordinate with existing Local Culture and the Arts Council.