Chairperson                                                               HON. ERIC O. SIBUMA

                                                                                         Municipality Mayor

Vice Chairperson                                                        DR. ARMANDO P. AVENA

                                                                                       Municipal Health Officer

MEMBERS:                                                               HON. TERESITA O. GARCIA

                                                                           SBM, Chairman, Committee on Social Services

                                                                                    MRS. MERLIE P. CASISON


                                                                                    MS. IDUNA B. FRIGILLANA

                                                                                       Bloodbank Representative


                                                                                    MS. FLORENCE DUCUSIN

                                                                                      BHW Federation President

                                                                                    DRA. FLORA B. DULAY

                                                                                  NGO Representative – ADCT

                                                                               HON. RAMON B. MEDRIANO

                                                                           ABC President


                                                                                     MS. SONIA A. CALDITO

                                                                                      POPCOM Officer/MNAO

                                                                                 DRA. EUFEMIA S. VILLANUEVA

                                                                                             Medical Professional

                                                                                      MR. MARK ERIK O. AMISTAD

                                                                                               Dep-Ed, Nurse II



Functions and Responsibilities:

3.1. Propose to the sanggunian, in accordance with the standards and criteria set by DOH, annual budgetary allocations for the operation and maintenance of health facilities and services within the municipality;

3.2. Serve as an advisory committee to the sanggunian on health matters such as, but not limited to the necessity for, and application of local appropriations for public health purposes.

3.3. Create committees which shall advise, local health agencies on matters such as, but not limited to, technical and administrative standards of DOH, personnel selection and promotion, bids and awards, grievance and complaints, personnel discipline, budget review and similar functions.

Section 4. Effectively . This Executive Order shall take effect immediately.

Done in the Municipality of Aringay, La Union this 17th day of July 2013 with the seal of this office affixed.