Chairman                                   –                                    HON. ERIC O. SIBUMA

                                                                                          Municipal Mayor

Co-Chairman                                 –                                    HON. TERESITA O. GARCIA

                                                                                          SB COMMITTEE Chair on women, Children &


MEMBERS:                      –                                     EDELITO D. GAJO


                                                   –                                      DR. ARMANDO P. AVENA

                                                                                          Municipal Health Officer

                                                   –                                      MS. TERESITA D. WONG

                                                                                          Social Welfare Officer III

                                                   –                                      MS. JULIE SAN ANDRES

                                                                                           Peso Manager Designate

                                                   –                                      HON. RACHELL R. JULOYA

                                                                                          Sangguniang Bayan Member

                                                   –                                      MS. ELNORA C. MONTOYA


                                                                                 –                                      PSINSP LAWRENCE GUBIANO GANUELAS

                                                                                          Chief of Police 

                                                 –                                      MS. JULIE SAN ANDRES

                                                                                          LUVWI Chapter President

                                                         –                                      HON. JACQUELINE Y. CHAN


                                                 –                                      MS. MENCHIE BITABIT

                                                                                          Social Welfare Assistant

                                           –                                     MS. EVELYN DULAY

                                                                                         Overseas Filipino worker Representative  



The MCAT – VAWC shall have the following functions

1. Institute policies and programs to protect women and children who are victims of trafficking and violence i.e. formulation of ordinances;

2. Create sand establish system on surveillance, investigation and rescue to ensure effective and efficient coordination;

3. Undertake information, education and advocacy campaigns against trafficking in person and VAWC;

4. Monitor and oversee the strict implementation of Ra 9208, RA 9262 and other related laws for the protection of women and children and of the IACAT and IACVAWC national plans of action. In  addition to the abovementioned functions, the MCAT – VAWC shall implement the programs and activities as stated in the national plan of action. The MCAT – VAWC may call on the assistance of NGOs and POs working on trafficking and VAWC to assist in the formulation andimplementation of localized programs and interventions to address human trafficking and VAWC. The MCAT – VAWC shall establish linkages with other existing bodies/councils on women and children and may invite other relevant agencies/organizations to participate in its meetings and activities. The MCAT – VAWC through the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office, shall submit to the PCAT a comprehensive report on the programs undertaken on asemestral  basis every 15th of January and July of every year.

This Executive Order shall take effect immediately.

Done this 9th day of September, 2013 at Aringay, La Union, Philippines.