The Department of Tourism (DOT) Region 1 and sir Alex Peralta of BikeBrosLU in coordination with various biking groups around La Union is kick starting the Bike Tourism Program, which aims to identify and showcase the famous routes and hidden trails all over our Province of La Union. There is no doubt that once the country will be back to normal, La Union will be one of the places that will surely be visited by tourists.

Nowadays biking is a sport that is growing really rapidly throughout the country, the DOT Region 1 took initiative to determine, plot, and identify the known and hidden biking routes in La Union that lead to the creation of the Bike Tourism Program. The program aims to make La Union not only a place for sightseeing tourists, but also place for thrill-seeking tourists; it will help to attract more tourists to our dear province. Three of Aringay’s Routes are included with the initial Trails that were visited by the program namely, Salapac Trail which is located in Poblacion; AP Trail, located in San Eugenio; and Fire Trail located in San Benito Sur.

With the routes identified and plotted by the focal persons from the biking groups, the DOT then sent their staff to validate, site visit, and geo-tag the said routes for a good two weeks. The DOT and the biking groups accompanied by a travel agency also identified the nearby service stations along the route such as Restaurants, Hospitals, Small Stores, Bike Shops, etc. that could benefit the tourist during trips.

After which, the Travel agency’s work is to determine possible tour packages in the routes that they can offer to visiting tourists that are keen to biking and be excited to go thrill seeking in the trails. The Bike Tourism Program will be unveiled and launched in a separate day. La Union truly is a place to be visited.



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