The pandemic years of 2020 and 2021 heralded the cancellation of many tourism activities due to the quarantine and lockdown of the country. In a sense, it was a zero activity for tourism except for some cultural tourism activities allowed within the criteria of the community quarantine. The advent of the Alert Level 1 status of the province sparked to conduct the Bike Yard Cycle Bike Weekend last March 5 and March 6, 2022 held in Salapak, Poblacion stirred back our interest not only in Trail Tourism but in cycling tourism. Cycling tourism is becoming organized with many aficionados not only in the Municipality but also in the province and other neighboring Provinces in Region 1. The Bike Yard Cycles is a two-day Mountain Bike race (Enduro & Cross Country). And with our creativity, we have blended cycling and trail tourism into one. Both encompasses participation of people from different cycling organizations in the province and in the region, they will be following menacing trails that our ancestors used to thread. The tracks was located in the ancestral trails of Salapak. The Cross Country Race utilized a circuit route at the bottom of the Mount Salapak, participants will battle it out together racing neck and neck going around laps of the tracks, first one to cross the finish line wins. While the Enduro Race utilized a Time Trial Format, meaning the fastest time going down from start to finish wins the race. The Enduro Route consists of three different timed tracks called “Stages” starting from the 360 degree view peak of the mountain going down to the bottom finish line. inside the tracks, the riders must go through features such as Jumps, Drops, Rock Gardens, Pedaling Sections, Tunnel-like chutes, Off-Cambers, and Tight corners. The shortest or fastest accumulated time for all the three timed stages will get you the win.


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The event had aroused the interest of participants and spectators alike from neighboring places like Pangasinan, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte and CAR. They came to watch the event. They came to support the participants. They came to support the organizers. There are trophy events and at the end of the day, the participants talked about surviving and thriving at the Bike Yard Cycles Bike Weekend. The two-day Riders from different provinces battled their way to their respective events and categories to finish the gruelling race tracks. But on the Municipal Tourism Council’s part it is a resurgence of its aim to develop more route networks to attract more participants to come and spend their money in the Municipality. In this way, as we develop more activities like these, there will be growth of commerce and industry and even stay-in and lodgings will flourish in the long run. The Bike Yard Cycles Bike Weekend activity was in cooperation with Mr. Brian Basa who heads La Union Gravity, a bicycling organization that spearheads competitions among different bicycling enthusiasts. As the pandemic eases and the restrictions lifted, we hope that cycling and trail tourism shall be more systematically organized in the Municipality with an increasing economic impact in mind.