The Municipality of Aringay bagged the Top Performing Municipality in the second class Municipal Category. The award carries a symbolic check worth PHP25,000 besides the Certificate of distinction from the Provincial Health Office. The prize is worth of Medicines and Office Supplies awarded bythe Regional Health Office I. The affair was held at the Ynad’s Hotel and Resort at Barangay Namtutan, San Fernando City.

The distinction award is based on the Local Government Unit (LGU) Scorecard and Monitoring and Evaluation for Equity and Effectiveness (ME3) in its health programs. The LGU Scorecard is a performance assessment of the combined efforts of stakeholders within the province-wide health system, including clients and public-private health services providers in municipalities, cities and provinces.

Aringay was cited for its consistently high appropriations for health. It is always above the benchmark of 15%. Furthermore, it cited the different benchmarks used in the SGLG that were consistently higher. In those areas that needed improvement, the Municipality of Aringay’s response is both creative and innovative. The use of creativity and innovation is driving changes to better delivery of health services. Dr. Rolando Q. Mallari and Ms. Antonette F. Bambico represented the Municipal Health Office of Aringay.

In another development, Ms. Cleofas Mangaoang, BHW President of Sta. Rita East clinched a Top 10 BHW Award. She represented our Municipality and was able to land 5th place among the competing 19 Municipalities and 1 component city. The Top 10 BHWs were selected through a set of criteria where the performance of each BHW representative per Municipality was monitored and evaluated by a Monitoring and Evaluation Team according to their performance.

The awarding of the Top 10 Barangay Health Workers is done annually to support their continuing development or income-generating projects. The BHWs are encouraged to continue improving the healthcare system through community empowerment and responding to and supporting the health needs of their constituents.