Mutia ti Aringay 2022 Nichole Anne L. Tropia paid a courtesy call to Mayor Benjamin o. Sibuma, Government Officials and Government workers on Monday, January 23, 2023 during the Monday Flag Ceremony program at the Municipality of Aringay Quadrangle.

This was Ms. Tropia’s first official introduction to the Municipal Officials, Staff and workers since she was crowned as Mutia ti Aringay 2022 in December 12, 2022. She was introduced by Culture Officer Designate Dr. Rolando Jose Felipe Mallari to the body as the official representative of the Municipality of Aringay to the forthcoming Mutia ti La Union 2023. Miss Tropia thanked the full support of the Municipality and engaged them to further support her when the activities of the Mutia ti La Union 2023 goes full blast. She told the audience that if they have no social media accounts yet, they can now make one for the Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok so that when all the activities for Mutia ti La Union 2023 are on a roll, they can follow her in her account.

As a tourism student, she said she can open up topics for which people of Aringay are clamoring. She can showcase products, tourism destinations, stories of our people and the numerous projects that we have in our Municipality that others can take inspiration from. She hopes to gain the support of everyone most specially when social mobilization is needed.

Mayor Benjamin O. Sibuma, Vice-Mayor Isabel D. Diaz, the Sangguniang Bayan Members and all of the Department Heads, welcomed Mutia ti Aringay 2022 after the flag-raising ceremony and had the traditional photo-op in courtesy calls. Everyone expressed their pleasure in meeting Aringay’s representative to the Mutia ti La Union 2023 and they registered their appreciation in the courtesy call that Ms. Tropia did. They wished her well in her journey for the Miss La Union 2023 pageant.