Kaprobinsiyaan, adda kadi sanikuwam a delinkuwente ken saan pay nabayadan iti taxna? 💵🏠

Naimbag a damag! Mabalinen a sumrek iti Compromise Agreement dagiti delingkwente iti Amilyar ken iti Provincial Government of La Union.

Tandaanam, A-S-A-P!

A – Apply to the Municipal Treasurer’s Office where the delinquent property is located.

S – Select Payment Option to be observed during the effectivity of the Compromise Agreement.

A – Assessment and Approval of duly accomplished documentary requirements before the execution of the Compromise Agreement.

P – Payment to be made monthly (12, 24, 36 months) or quarterly (4, 8, 12 quarters) basisUmaykan, Agtulag Ta! 🤝